The Craze Guard-Made in USA

A Crazed Lens- Use a Craze Guard to help reduce the risk of lens crazing. Crazing occurs when the anti-reflective coating is overheated during frame adjusting resulting in the lens being destroyed and loss for the practice and lab.

Also an excellent training tool for newer opticians and lab techs

An excellent tool for both new and experienced opticians. It is both an essential tool to prevent accidental lens crazing and extend the life of your patient's glasses

Maurice S. ABOA, Lab Tech/Certified Optician

Where has this been all of my career?! Super handy tool for a variety of uses. Great video on their website that gives different ways to utilize it. Saves time, frustration, patient confrontation, and MONEY! 5 out of 5 stars.  Love this!

R.M, Optician

The Craze Guard is AMAZING! You only heat the area that you need to adjust. Very easy to apply.

Carter Anderson ABOC/NCLE